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                                                                                                 Thursday, November 6th, 2008

<span style="background:#00FF00"> Swastik Dhopte </span>

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P O Box 947 – 030, Ngong Hills, Nairobi, Kenya


Accomplished instruction designer and teacher educator with experience in designing, developing and delivering curricular for all levels of learning except the university. Technical lead in developing curricular support materials, training and in servicing educators in teaching learning strategies and techniques to enhance learning.


1. General Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Collaboration with ODL stakeholders
  2. Proposal writing and development of budgets for ODL activities
  3. Planning and organizing workshops
  4. Conducting research in Education and Training
  5. Curriculum design and development
  6. Development of ODL resources
  7. Conducting Orientation for implementation of developed curricular

using developed ODL resources.

  1. Organizing In-service Training Courses and workshops for ODL

education and training.

  1. Monitoring and evaluation of ODL curricular implementation
  2. Representing my work station in various international fora.

2. Specific Duties

a. April 2008 to Date: Assistant Director - Open & Distance Learning. To Initiate & Implement programs for Open and Distance Learning. Specifically to:

    1. train staff in relevant ODL emerging technologies
    2. develop ODL curricular
    3. develop ODL curriculum support materials
    4. train educators on effective interpretation and implementation of ODL curricular.

b. Jan 1999 – April 2008

Instruction design and training educators: i. ICT Curricular and support materials:

:: *Sept.2007-Sept. 2009: The Kenya Seafarers :: *ii.2007-2009: The Kenya Diploma Teacher Education :: *iii.2004: Primary Teacher Education Handbook

ii. Other curricular and /or corresponding support materials

  • 2002 - 2004: Primary Teacher Education Science: To design and develop Teacher Educators’ curriculum.
  • 2005; “Kakuma Refugee camp” Adapted the Kenya PTE science curriculum into ”Teacher Education Science syllabus to suit the training needs of refugees in the camp.
  • 2002 – 2008 – Science Equipment Production Unit (SEPU): Enhancing achievement levels
         -Development of a science kit and educator’s instructional manual for teacher colleges and primary schools in the East Africa.
         -Training and in servicing educators to integrate the science kit in the implementation of the science syllabuses.

  • Sept.2007: Developing Instruments to monitor and

evaluate Implementation of Primary Teacher Education curriculum.

  • 2006 -2009: Secondary Teacher Education Chemistry

iii. Collaboration with other stakeholders in Education

May 2006 – to date

  • Facilitation by

Tafakari Project - Participates in designing and developing sample video and .Computer Based multimedia materials (CBMM) for Teacher Trainers, Teachers and pupils in primary schools.

May 2007 – May 2010

  • Academy for Educational Development (AED) – (The teacher education and professional development program) Collaborates with AED to Design, Develop materials, integrate ICTs and in service Teachers and College Lecturers to improve Teacher competencies & Practice.

2000- 2009

  • HIV & AIDs & Life Skills Education: Design of materials and facilitator for educators’ capacity building.

2007-August, 2008: International Labour Organisation: Worst forms of child labour.

  • Participating in designing and developing a teacher’s handbook and training materials
  • Training field officers about worst forms of child labour and implementing eradication of child labour.
  • Monitoring worst forms of child labour

2000 – 2006
  • The Kenya Human Rights Commision:Lead Consultant & Coordinator: Kenya Human Rights Education and School Outreach Project .Integrate Human Rights in the Primary & Secondary School curriculum and implement the curriculum

3. Past Duties

a. Teacher Training

  • To train teachers to teach in primary schools in Kenya
 1986 – 1998			Highridge Teachers Training College			
       Positions Held	
       Head:                                  Science Department
  • To coordinate teaching & learning of different leaners including visually challenged.
       Supervisor and Zone coordinator:     Teaching practice
       Coordinator:                                        Graduation ceremonies
       Tutor:                                                      Science subjects
  • 1998: Representing Primary Teacher Education Colleges on the Program:-Female Education in Mathematics & Science Subjects to promote the girl child in the performance of those subjects.
  • b. High School Teacher
   1982 – 1986			Madzuu Girls High School
    Position held	            Chemistry and Biology teacher: Forms 1 to 4.
  • May – Sept 1982 Lukhuna Secondary School
  Position held	                           Chemistry and Biology teacher Forms: 1 to 4.     


2005/2007 University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Australia,

                                     	Master of Flexible Learning

Degree awarded January, 2008

1988 - 1992 Kenyatta University Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Science (Primary Option) 2nd class Hons, Faculty of Science- Botany and Zoology

1979 – 1982-Kenya Science Teacher’s College, Diploma Certificate Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.


Information and Communication Technology2004: Institute of Advanced Technology (IAT) – Computer Driving License

28th June – 2nd July, 2004 Melbourne University – Australia: Training in E - learning Technologies: E – learning workshop 27th Nov - 29th Dec 1999 Israel. Training in science and Technology May – August 2004 KIE: Training in Microsoft office and Web Design 17th – 22nd Jan. 2005 “Learning Things” - KIE. Training in design & authoring digital materials for teaching & learning


3rd – 8th July, 2004 Third Pan Commonwealth of Learning Conference (PCF3) New Zealand (Dunedin): Participant: Reaching wider audience through Open & Distance Learning. 12th – 15th Sept 2004 Windsor Hotel and Country Club: Participant: Consultative Forum Formulation of the Kenya National Policy Framework on Open Learning & Distance Education


2004 ICT handbook for teacher educators to enhance implementation of ICT training for Primary teacher colleges in Kenya.

2003-2005 East African Educational Publishers: Secondary chemistry- Form I &11

2002 -2004 Kenya Commission of Human Rights:

      • Human Rights Comic Books for students in primary schools
      • Human Rights Resource Book for Teachers.

2003 – 2006 Instruction Manual for teaching Primary Science using the developed science kit

2004 – 2006 Participated in designing, developing & Editing of materials for Kenya Organization for Environmental Education in conjunction with MOEST - Resource books to enhance Environment Conservation and sustainability.


  • Task force 2004- to establish the KIE potential for a broadcasting station

collected data and wrote a report

  • 2000 -2001: Centre for British Teachers - CfBT – facilitator for HIV and AIDS workshops
  • 1999 -2002 – Producer; Primary science Radio Programs to schools through the Educational Media Service – KIE.
  • 2002:Facilitator; development of materials and training for ANPPCAN- child rights and child protection
  • September to November -1990 -Three months Internship: A study about Teaching Assessment and Evaluation of Primary Education:

Highridge Primary School.



Elizabeth OKwisa Mbasu~phone: 254-020 User:Mbasu