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Preparing a Project

Home | Introduction | What is a project? | Why projects fail – the dimensions of failure | Where do projects come from? | Project inputs and outputs | Setting aims and objectives | The stakeholders and their interests | Will it work? | A basis for action and the project brief | Coursework | Summary | References and Acknowledgements

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At the end of this unit you should be able to:

  • identify the main features of a project;
  • explain the importance of the key dimensions of budget, time and quality;
  • identify the links between a project's scope and definition and a sponsor's strategic and operational objectives;
  • agree the objectives of the project in sufficient detail to enable it to be planned effectively;
  • assess the feasibility of a project and to negotiate any necessary amendments with the sponsor to ensure that the goals can be achieved within the constraints of the project.

PDF Resource for Basics of Project Management - Preparing a Project