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The main objective of my profession is to be an excellent Instructional Designer, Researcher, Trainer as well as an Educational Consultant.

Why I joined Kenya Institute of Education(KIE)

I joined Kenya Institute of Education in 1999 to coordinate and participate in research and curriculum development activities. I brought with me experiences from high school teaching as well as teacher training skills.

Capacity building

I beefed up my work skills through networking with colleagues at the station of work and collaboration with both national and international stakeholders in education. The external experiences started with my trip to Israel to train in science and technology. After this training, I developed interest in ICT. In 2002, I enrolled with Institute of advanced technology (IAT) and trained in International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL). In 2004, my ICT skills were shaped more after participating in an expository workshop in e-learning technologies at Melbourne University and subsequent trip to New Zealand to participate in the 3rd Pan Commonwealth Forum for learning (PCF3)


For the last 8 years, I have been developing ICT curricular for KIE. Through planning and organising workshops, I developed the following ICT curricular: the

  • ICT teacher’s handbook for primary Teacher Colleges (2004)
  • Diploma ICT Teacher education syllabus in 2007
  • Kenya Seafarers ICT syllabus between 2007- 2008.
  • Diploma ICT teacher education handbook (still underway)


I am currently an assistant director at KIE. My particular role is to initiate and sustain ODL programs to transect all potential areas of learning starting with early childhood up to the highest possible level in Kenya. I have a vision to network everyone interested in OER’s to form a wikieducator collaborative community for Kenya. I hope to realise my first lot of educators by January 2009.

My work environment

My workstation upholds values of Integrity, courtesy, teamwork,and accountability.Subsequently, I am used to showing initiative and to working in a fast-paced demanding work environment while maintaining confidentiality and integrity within a team of professionals.



Elizabeth Okwisa Mbasu Personal Details

Profession: Instruction Design & ICT Specialist

Address:			P.O. Box 947-030, Ngong Hills, Nairobi

Cell Phone: 254-720 89 80 97 / 254-0733 90 32 98 Email: Citizenship: Kenyan Family Status: Married with four children