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Operations Research

Operations Research , a new science,popularly called as O.R.,was developed in 1940's during the world war II , when the military management involved scientists from various streams to help them find strategies to improvise their military projects. Operations Research is the scientific , statistical and logical approach to problem solving. It involves MATHEMATICAL MODELS to solve the complex decision problems in order to choose the best or optimum option among many.

Brief Overview

A Mathematical model is one in which a mathematical equation representing a real system is shown using constants and variables. These models are abstract and precise. They can be classified as :

  • Deterministic Models

are models in which its parameters and the relationship among them is known with certainity.

  • Probabilistic Models

or stochastic models are models in which one or more parameter is not known with certainty.

Applications of O.R.

  • Production
  • Forecasting
  • Advertising Media(Marketing)
  • Finance
  • Warehousing
  • Assignment
  • Reliability
  • Project Management
  • Logistics


The term Reliability is a symbol of quality as perceived by the user. For a car, reliability is seen as its failure-free operation, for a software program , reliability is seen as its error-free execution and so on. Defined by many authors,reliability of a system is

the probability of failure-free operation of the system for a
given time-period under the conditions of intended use.