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Factors affecting Learning

You have already seen the concept and the process of learning . We now delve into some of the factors that affect learning. Read through the following case study.

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Case Study
John and Jane are twins. Both of them are in the same class. They have the same environment at home. Yet, John does better than Jane at History and Mathematics. Jane is better at languages.John is quick at picking up steps in dance, whereas Jane tops at public speaking. What could be the possible reasons for them showing difference in their performances?

Learning an attitude, a skill or any other thing depends on several factors some of these are learner centric others are environment centric.

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Here are some factors that affect learning. Could you classify them as learner centric and environment centric?

Attention of the learner, teacher characteristics, intelligence of the learner, motivation, fatigue, classroom conditions, maturation.

We now make a deeper study of some of these factors

Learner based factors

Learner based factors affecting learning refer to factors within the learner. They are influenced by the learner's physiology, mind set and development.It must be remembered that these factors are not completely learner centric. For example: While attention is an intrinsic factor, it is also influenced by the learning environment. Motivation , too, must come from within but it is influenced by external stimuli. In our further modules we will learn about some factors that affect learning.

Deeper Learning

Dr Sugata Mitra's 'Hole in the Wall' is a famous experiment in learning. Check out how children learn on their own.If you have 20 odd minutes See Else go in for a shorter version see
Did you notice any factors that affect learning?

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