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Let us learn about how fatigue affects learning in our module on FATIGUE.

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At the end of this module you will

(i) understand how fatigue affects learning
(ii) suggest ways to deal with classroom fatigue

To learn about classroom fatigue , we shall adopt the 5 E approach
Engage : Recall to mind a class where you were unable to pay attention because you were too tired. Recall to mind a day when you were too tired to work at home. What did you feel like during such times? Why did you feel so?
Explore: Fatigue is a state of the mind and body when the person is tired and is in need of rest. Read more about fatigue .
Explain: What according to you are the factors that cause fatigue in our classrooms? How can a teacher deal with classroom fatigue? Is fatigue the same as boredom? Post your views on the discussion forum
Elaborate:. Read about ways to deal with classroom fatigue on
Evaluate : Design some strategies to deal with classroom fatigue. Discuss your ideas with your peers.

Deeper Learning

Much research has been done on how the brain impacts learning. Classroom fatigue can be more effectively dealt with if one keeps principles of brain based learning in focus.

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