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Studying a variety of literary texts will help students develop an understanding and appreciation of the art of writing and reading in various contexts in time and place. By reading any genre available (be it novel,drama, short story, poetry, etc), and by the end of this topic, students should be able to

  1. Identify and describe the physical and psychological characteristics of (a)main and minor character(s) in a genre studied in class.
  2. Relate the incidents in sequence and identify the turning point in the genre.
  3. Explain the physical setting and social circumstances in which the characters live.
  4. Compare one main and one minor character and their contribution in the story.

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It is presupposed that most students will have had prior knowledge of the features and general structure of literature which they would ordinarily apply whenever they are reading any text or literary genre as required. No prior knowledge of a set text is expected other than reading the actual text for information and familiarity.

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At any stage of the reading exercise, teacher and students should be able to stop and create discussions by way of clarifications and asking relevant and appropriate questions based on the who, what, where, when,why and how or characters, plot, setting, style and lessons to be learned from the text. Students should be encouraged to explain, describe and give reasons for the activities that happen within the context of the text and to relate or apply them to their own situations and circumstances.

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  1. Students will select a character and act out an(a) incident or scene according to the author's interpretation as well as an alternative personal interpretation.
  2. Students will draw or paint a scene as described in the story.
  3. Students will debate an issue of relevant personal or social concern portrayed in the story.
  4. Students will write a paragraph each on a character, an incident or scene, and a lesson to be

learned from the story.

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  1. Write a 500 word essay on an issue in the genre that you feel strongly about, giving reasons for your concern.
  2. Complete the following by unscrambling the letters to make a sensible word in literature:
  • axmlci
  • poxteisnoi
  • atpomeroh
  • shbkcfala
  • roptangots
  • gnatoatis
  • serotulnoi