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My Profile My name is Ainsworth Ovid. I come from the twin-island state of Trinidad and Tobago, the most southerly of the Caribbean islands. I have been involved in teaching and teacher education for most of my life. I have taught at secondary school, the Valsayn Teachers College and at the University of the West Indies. I have pursued postgraduate qualifications in Curriculum and have functioned as a curriculum officer and curriculum coordinator in the Ministry of Education. Have been involved in the development of currriculum for the Visual and Performing Arts for the secondary school and in the training of teachers in a wide range of educational areas. I am keenly interested in using and integrating technology in the curriculum to which end I have looked at the use of technology in schools in USA, Japan, Singapore, London and have conducted workshops and made presentations on the integration of technology in the curriculum and the role of principals in managing that integration.

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