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Identity development ideas go here:

What ideas should the "brand" evoke? how can we summarize a great deal of information and associations in one second's worth of communication?

the house is an organism
the house is a living machine
the house is a cyclic system
the house will change your life
the house is always growing, changing, evolving

through a process of evolutionary collaborative design, we will build a living machine that exists within its own life cycle, 
which the participant is a part of. 

the house will change your relationship with money
the house will make you more a part of meeting your own needs
the house will make you want to grow your own food
make your own soap
sew your own clothes
preserve your own jam
power your own transportation
the house will pull you back down the food chains of your consumption.


What would an identity project produce for the overall project?


  • A logo, viable on many media such as: online, pamphlets, t-shirts(?), or carved into wood(?)
  • Some general color palettes, font choices/explorations, and shapes
  • Some strong starting points for a separate 'frontpage' that is in the works