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My goal inside the realm of Ecological Perspectives in design is:

1. to create a platform/interface of sorts that communicates coherently what the project 'is' as a whole.

- this may take any form, or multiple forms: a website domain, a pdf, or small viewbook (when I say 'viewbook', im thinking of the physical real life emily carr viewbook as a pre-existing model; something that summerizes and communicates, as well as shows off-- utilizing good compositional design)

- I feel this is a necessary component of this project because it will force the team of people working closely together to come to a unified understand of the goals and concepts. - In terms of explaining and communicating what the project is about to a person off the street or someone who is interested in collaborating or funding the project, an interface or booklet will be an effective tool. - This platform will hopefully also act as a showcase of our hypothetical model of concepts as well as visuals of our design, 3d rendering, etc etc.