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It would seem the Bowen Island e-Government (BOWEGOV) initiative has generated some interest.


This is an area to discuss what we do next as activities. It's nice to have technology and discussion, but in the end of the day we need to get something done in the physical world.

Some of the successes

Next steps

Our next steps should include initiatives that would be well supported by technology. Here are a few suggested initiatives;

  1. Free or shared ridership - set up designated spots to be picked up when moving around the island (a more polite way than hitching a ride; may involve a loonie 'courtesy money' changing hands)
  2. Neighbourhood farming - have people set up community farming
  3. Facilitate self organization of work groups that are geographic in nature. Work may be done, for instance, trail building: trail segments may be built by the nighborhoods they run thru: work decentalized, at limited financial cost to the community. Govt' as facilitator.
  4. Others