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  • Educ613Sociology of Education
  • In this course, we will go through the follwing topics:
  • Definition of terms ,Sociology,Microsociology ,Macrosociology ,Phenomenology,Ethnomethodology
  • Significance of Sociology of Education to the teacher
  • sociological theories
  • Family,Education&s0cial Stratification
  • Group Theory Dyad ,Triad Formal Organisation

EDuc 517 Methods of Teaching History\Government

  • In this course we will discuss the methods and technics of teaching History and Government in the secondary schools.
  • The nature of History/Government
  • The language of History teaching difficulties

DECCE119 The Child and Society

  • In this course we will examine the challenges faced by the child in the early child hood stage.
  • Definition of concepts
  • Problems of the early childhood child
  • The political&socio-economic conditions

Educ 632 Advanced Sociology of Education

  • In this course we will examine in depth the sociology of development.
  • The Development Theories; Functionalist, Conflict,Modernisation ,Underdevelopment/Dependency
  • The links between Education/Development