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Movie making is desirable application as well as skill and many soft wares are available about some you read in earlier subsections of this unit. A video creating/editing software application, called Movie maker is included in Microsoft Windows Me, XP, and Vista and is popularly known as Windows Movie Maker. Features

  • You may import new video from digital video (DV) camera.
  • you may also import existing video files, pictures, and audio from your collection on your computer.
  • You can trim, rearrange, and copy imported audio and video clips.
  • You can add transitions and effects, timeline narration to a project.Auto movie is also possible.
  • Add movie titles and credits to a project.
  • Audio editing and functions for video are available for audio track. The audio tracks can then be exported in the form of a sound file instead of a video file.
  • Publish your movie to share in different ways.

Various forums are available for discussing practical issues while working on Movie maker-

Video to watch for making movies using software Movie maker.


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