Moral Development For Toddlers:A lesson Plan on Kohlberg's and Piaget's Theory for B Ed Students

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This is an attempt to share my online lectures on "Moral Development".The target audience are prospective teachers although beneficient for others too

My Interest


Key terms

The key terms and concepts covered in this lesson are:

Theory of Moral development by Lawrence Kohlberg

Theory of Moral development by Jean Piaget 

==== An overview of other theories and studies to bring the best behavioural outcomes in young children ====

Unit title

Kohlberg's and Piaget's Theories of Moral development

Lesson title

 Moral development among children 

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Curriculum strand, objectives and level 

  • Theories of Moral develpment :Developmental Psychology 
  • Le'vel: Prospective teachers (Graduates )and Teacher Educators 

  Learning context

  • Real Life Setting where kids are raised  
  • School

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Learning intentions

  Learning intentions

  • The learner gets to know about the different behavioural changes that have to be adopted inoder to shape the kid's morality in a better way and also knows why a kid acts as how he /she acts the way he does during different stages of development 

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Key Competencies

  Key Competencies

 The key competencies for this lesson are:

  • Stage specific morality development 
  • Attains better understanding about children's judgement 
  • Understands deeper the ways to treat children better
  • Values 

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The educational values covered in this lesson include:

  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Care for kids 
  • And a better understanding of morality of people to ensure universal brotherhood 

Success criteria

The lesson is successful when:

  • When the learner understands why the child behaves and judges in a specific way during certain stages 
  • When the learner gets to know how to deal with children's judgement and to tackle them
  • Also how to deal with people with a different view of morality 

 Lesson sequence

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  • Asking Questions which ends in answers of Moral Dilemma


  • Continuing on the variety of responses recieved for the (starter )Question and discussing on the difference in judgement.
  • Reason them on the basis of Theories of Moral development of two main developmental psychologists ; Lawrence Kohlberg and Jean Piaget .

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  • Ask and allow learners to ask questions about challenging moral situations and concluding them on the basis of these theories 


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Media required


The following resources support this lesson:

Assessment and or homework

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Extension exercise

Assessment and or homework

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  • Work on challenging situations faced by mothers ,parents  and teachers and find probable ways to face them on the light of this knowledge