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* To learn moodle


  1. Moodle Free Support (Create new accouont to log on to the course site and learn).   Available under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
  2. Moodle Tutorials by Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology's PRISM Project (Portal Resources for Indiana Science and Mathematics)  : "PRISM is a free website that provides collections of online resources for Indiana educators in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)" -- Home Page.
  3. Moodle: An Open Learning Content Management System for Schools A Case Study:  Available under CC-BY-SA
  4. Moodle: a free learning management system A SlideShare Presentation: Available under CC-NC-SA
  5. Moodle Journal A Blog:  License Not Known, but the Blog is part of Bromley College, UK
  6. Using Moodle A Blog by Jason Cole:  Available under CC-BY-SA
  7. Presentation on Moodle:  License Not Known, copyright may be with Central Ohio Linux User Group
  8. Using Mooodle Chapters of the book by Jason Cole (First Edition):   Copyright of O'Reilly Media, but PDFs available at MoodleDocs with GNU GPL.
  9. Documents realted to Moodle for Decision Makers:  (Most of the documents available through this page are copyrighted, but can be used for personal research and learning purposes).
  10. Moodle Tutorials A Blog:   Copyright Christopher Pappas
  11. Building a Course:   Copyright Oakland Schools
  12. CLEO Moodle Training Materials:   Copyright Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online
  13. Moodle Training Materials (UNESCO and AOU):   License NOt Known, but available at UNESCO' Free & Open Source Software Portal
    1. Session 1: General Concepts
    2. Session 2: Overview of Moodle
    3. Session3: Online Course Production
    4. Session 4: Technical Training I
    5. Session 5: Technical Training II
    6. Session 6: Technical Training III
    7. Technical Training of System Administrators
    8. Installer Quick Reference
    9. User Manual
    10. Administrator's Manual