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Groups: Overview

Once your class is in your Moodle site you can create groups.

Have been found very useful.

Easy to set up. Nearly self maintaining.

1. Create groups

Can create in bulk, or individually. Each group need a name.

2. Populate groups

Can add members manually (A simple pick off a list process) Or auto-populate them.

3. Assign workspaces to your group

Can assign Moodle Activities or resources, such as wikis or forums for them to work together.

Example: a forum

A quick process: ONE forum is added then assigned to groups Can be visible to other groups or visible ONLY to members of the group Technically this is referred to as separate or visible groups

Teacher/admin roles can see all posts

Then . . .

  • Can post questions if they need to.
  • Can present a piece of groupwork for feedback from others.
  • Can keep a track of the progress of the work - Teacher can do progress checks
  • Can submit final work.

What you choose will of course depend on what your goals are.

Effective group work

Doesn't happen by accident.

Final comments . . .

How have the kids found this? How have I found this? Has it improved learning?