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Moving on with your LMS: achieving real results, while still using the basics.

This is a further stage in building an effective blended learning environment with Moodle, while still only using the basic Moodle tools.

This assumes you can log on confidently, you have solved the problem of remembering your passwords, you can find your courses and you can post in forums (with images and attachments).

As well you understand the concept of members for a course and course sections. You should know how to add items such as files, forums and links. You should have access to some help for setting up groups, naming sections and if it is really important to you, the use of labels to pretty up a page or add extra scaffolding.

That's it. All the tools you need for some simple but powerful activities. (The one exception is quizzes, but we will work on thise later)

ny you have access to help in setting up groups. reading e-mail notifications in your in tray.

Pick a Project

Making the head shift

Everything has at least one forum, even if it is just a forum for teacher to communicate with students. The key elements are

  1. CONTENT/input: files, links
  2. A clear TASK
  3. SCAFFOLDING. If there are processes involved (like peer review, groupwork etc) some help on how to engage successfully. If there are special aspects to the skills involved, make this clear.

Support skill development

CHOICE suport skill development.png
Links, files and a Q&A forum.

Image: 'Touching the sky'

Peer Review

Groups and forums for the groups.

Image: 'Quality Matters Rubric'

Support for a long term project

Forums for the process of choosing topics, questions and progress checks. Groups for basic peer review. '

G is for Goggles'

Formative assessment using quizzes

Small tests, but frequent.


Support revision

CHOICE exam revision.png
Provide trial assessments, sample worked answers and a Q&A forum.