Moodle Tutorial 1: Why Moodle?

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One of the main reasons that make Moodle a very interesting product is the openness of their code, so that the whole community can contribute to its improvement.

Moodle runs on Linux, BSD, Mac OS-X and Windows. Compatible with a vast array of databases, due to the integration of ADODB. Accepts all types of authentication and enrollment mechanisms, including LDAP. Moodle allows the integration of content in many different formats, including SCORM, Flash, MP3s and RSS feeds. The future development of new versions of Moodle contains an API (Application Programming Interface) that allow easy integration with other web applications.

Moodle has an excellent online documentation, provided by the user community and developers. The Open University professor Jason Cole has written an excellent introduction to Moodle for teachers, available at Amazon, published by O'Reilly. William Rice has also written a book on Moodle: Moodle E-Learning Course Development available from Packt Publishing.

The Moodle interface is very intuitive for most users, reducing training requirements. Institutions can create internal training systems, and many have already adopted this strategy successfully.