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In this project we shall adopt a result-based monitoring and evaluation approach. Results-based monitoring will involve the regular collection of information on how effectively an the project is performing. This will demonstrate whether the project is achieving the stated goals. Monitoring will be done at output, outcome and goal or impact levels being guided by the relevant indicators.

Results-Based evaluation will specifically look at an assessment of a planned, ongoing, or completed interventions to determine their relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability in view of the project goal. The intent will be to incorporate lessons learned into the project decision-making process. Evaluation will be guided by the performance questions. The purpose of evaluation will be to continually reflect and challenge the project strategy (rationale/justification) and establish whether we are doing the right things in relation to the changes expected from the project. The project operations will be evaluated to establish whether we are doing things right. Specifically, evaluation here will establish the effectiveness in achieving expected outcomes, the efficiency in optimising resources and client satisfaction. Evaluation will be centred about learning. We will establish whether there are better ways of doing what we are doing in terms of alternatives, best practices and lessons learned for future application and project improvement.

The logical framework will set the basis for monitoring and evaluating the performance of the project in terms of implementation and delivery of results. The indicators for each level and the targets and milestones will guide the M&E exercises.