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MONEY, MONEY, MONEY---MONEY! (that’s supposed to sound like “The Apprentice” theme song)

Income supports
Long Term Disability Insurance (check with your insurance company through work, different policies have different rules and regulations.)
Canadian Pension Plan Disability [[1]]
Workers Compensation Board (varies from province to province)
Motor Vehicle Insurance (most common with MVA, check with insurance company)
Provincial Income Support (check with provincial government)

Career counseling
Depending upon source of funding, can determine how this will be funded. If there is funding for carerr counselling, most
likely will go through a privately funded agency and this will be determined by the source of funding. If there is no source
of funding, contact your local brain injury organization and they will have a list of supports and services available.

If there is funding as a result of the motor vehicle collision, the type of education and location of education will be
determined by the funding source. (normally an insurance company). If there is no funding, then once again contact your local
brain injury organization and they will assist you with this.

Use your support system, check with your local brain injury agency and ask about return to work option. Work with your insurance
company also and see what private agencies they can refer you to.
Does your physician agree it’s time to get back to work?
Check in with your human resources department Is there retraining available to you?
Employment programs for people with disabilities

Resources in your neighborhood Community employment centers College or University has career counseling
Resources online Govt of Canada website [[4]]

Work Re-Entry [[6]] Retrieved from Brain Injury Resource Centre