Mini Lesson 1: Creating an account

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At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  1. explain the benefits associated with acquiring a user account
  2. create an account in wikieducator

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Key points

This lesson is for New Users i.e. persons who have never created an account. If you have already created an account, just click the login link and proceed to mini lesson 2.

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  1. Enter as your url and click on the "log in /create account" link
  1. Follow the instructions provided on screen
  1. Click on the blue link called "Create an account"
  1. If you make a mistake, don't worry - just follow the steps again and click on the blue "Create an account" link.
  1. Decipher the letters displayed in the graphic, and enter these in the text box provided below the distorted characters. Note that these are case sensitive which means that you cannot use capital letters when the graphic uses lower case letters.
  1. If you find the letters are too difficult to decipher, press the "Refresh" button of your browser so that WikiEducator will generate a new combination of letters, which may be easier to read.
  1. After typing in these letters, choose a Username for yourself. For example Wendy Green may choose the Username: wgreen. Remember that most systems are case sensitive, so you will need to remember whether you have used capital or small letters. This is the Username you will use every time you log in to WikiEducator, so choose something that you can remember easily.
  1. Now choose your own password for WikiEducator. Enter this in the space provided. To avoid typing errors with your password, you are required to re-enter your password immediately after the first password box. Remember that passwords are also case sensitive.
  1. Type in your email address. This is optional, however it is useful to enter your email address because in the event that you forget your password, the system will be able to email this back to you on request.
  1. Type in your real name. This field is also optional, and is used for attribution purposes when people want to cite or use content you have created on WikiEducator.
  1. Click “Create account”.
  1. Voila...your account has been created and you are now a registered Wikieducator user.