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Mindfields is a quarterly journal on alternate ideas and learning started in Febrary 2007. It approaches ideas and concepts from the World of Education, breaks down the jargon, and tries to present matter in a way that is irreverent, approachable, and informed.

It aims to bridge the gap between educators and people who are invested in education for its true purpose: educating children as opposed to building empires. It will introduce compelling, innovative learning ideas that are inextricable from everyday life - with a human interest angle to them.

The idea is to make ideas available to people, so that they know their options in a world where slick marketing can sell almost anything. It is edited by Amruta Patil and Luke Haokip and published by them on behalf of iDiscoveri Education, a social enterprise with a vision of reviving education in India. For details please visit www.mindfields.in