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This will become a guide of sorts and a learning resource. It will leverage the pragmatics of "open source" though motivated by the philosophy of libre software.

On a personal level: desktop/laptop

So, you have decided that using libre software is the right thing to do. How?

If you are not ready to completely do away with your current non-free operating system, start by using libre software on your current operating system.

Collections and lists:

If you are ready to try a new operating system, it is probably easiest to start with one of the well supported distributions[1] with usability as its primary focus[2]:

If you would like to try a completely free/libre distro, the Free Software Foundation maintains a list:

Personal migration stories:

On an institutional level

You may be surprised to discover how much libre software is already in use within your organisation, especially on the server side. The migration process will depend on the nature of the institution/organisation and specific needs.

Here are some guidelines with principles which may apply in your context:

and some software which may be useful:

Making educational resources accessible with libre software

This issue relates to file formats and the ability of files to be read/played and edited with libre software.

Live Streaming

Live streaming and on-line realtime participation remains a challenge for WikiEducator, the OERF, OERu and related initiatives. So far, pure libre software users have not been able to participate in real time in events with live streaming on account of the services used. Please suggest suitable alternatives for this purpose:

Notes and References

  1. A distribution is a variation of a typically libre operating system. See Distro Watch for lists and reviews.
  2. Caveat: these distributions of GNU/Linux make it easy to include non-free components. This should be avoided.