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  • This course is about the sensitivity of various microorganisms towards various chemical substances. When microorganism are put in the environment of chemicals they will tend grow selectively.This is the method used by medics to find out if a particular drug works against a particular microorganism. for example e.coli and s.aurious.

Some of the chemicals in question are

  1. Extracts of plants.
  2. Medicines.
  3. Inorganic and organic chemicals.

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At the end of this course the students should have learnt

  1. practically test the activity of different herbs extracts.
  2. chemicals used for sanitation.
  3. Drugs for different ailments.
  4. How different microorganisms behave in different environments.

List of new terminologies

  • E.coli.Defination of E.coli
  • S. aurious.
  • Microbial activity - This depicts sensitivity of microorganisms toward various compounds.

About the course

The course takes 300hours to complete. The student will need to complete a minimum of 260hours to be awarded a certificate.

Herbs extracts

These are compounds that are extracted from different herbs by use of mostly organic solvents.

Test Microorganisms

These are various kinds of microorganisms that are commonly used as test microorganisms in the lab these include E.coli, S.aurious, Salmonella sp, B. subtillis and P.auroginosa.

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