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Name of the interviewee: Mrudubala Pradhan

Occupation: Lecturer in DIET


Interviewer: can you tell me something about DIET

Interviewee: It’s the District institute of education and Training.

Interviewer :How do you work for the education of these Villages?

Interviewee: we visit weekly to the middle school of this village and supervise the teaching learning process.

Interviewer: which type of schools comes under DIET?

Interviewee: Primary and middle schools comes under DIET.

Interviewer: What are its main functions?

Interviewee: The main functions of DIET are

  1. They help in the placement of teachers.
  2. They supervise weekly.
  3. Forms PTA.
  4. Attendance of students.
  5. Enrollment of students.
  6. Conduction of parent teachers meetings.
  7. Encouragement of girls educations

Interviewer: According to you what are the main problems in education of the villagers in this village?

Interviewee: The main problems are:

  1. PTA is unaware of its powers.
  2. Villagers are not well aware about the education.
  3. Student’s attendance is very low.
  4. Percentage of girl’s educations is low.

Interviewer: What is the main problem of students in this school (educational problems)?

Interviewee: The main problems in the learning process of students are....

  1. Problem in identification of Verna (alphabet).
  2. Not able to read/write a whole sentences.
  3. Spelling mistakes.
  4. Students studying in higher classes are not able to read the books of lower classes.
  5. Not able to do simple mathematical calculations.
  6. Teachers are encouraging cheating during exams to achieve 70- 80% result of the school.

Interviewer: What do you do to cope up with these problems?

Interviewee: The director of DIET-R.S.JHULANI has made some changes in the curriculum.

Interviewer: What is the basis of the changes made in curriculum?

Interviewee: The syllabus is simplified in comparison to the present syllabus.

Interviewer: What are the changes made in curriculum?

Interviewee: For class III-V.

  • The students must identify the Verna / (Alphabet).
  • Identify the numbers up to 100.
  • Recognize the number randomly.
  • They should be able to read the books of class I & II.
  • Should write simple sentences
  • Should know table up to 10.

For class VI-VIll

  • Should be fluent in reading
  • Should identify numbers up to 1000 & place value of numbers.
  • Should know how to carry in Mathematical problems
  • Should know table up to 20

Interviewer : What is the criterion of appointment of teachers in these schools?

Interviewee: The teachers appointed are generally

  • UDT.
  • Sahayak teachers.
  • Shikshakarmi.


From this interview we concluded that the DIET members are regularly supervising the schools and their problems. But the teachers are not performing their jobs honestly and also the PTA is not aware about their rights and duties.