Meet the Instructional Designers of UPNG

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By the end of the document, you should able to:

  1. identify the Instructional Designers of UPNG Open College
  2. state the responsibilities and duties of the Instructional Designers of UPNG Open College(UPNGOC)
  3. indicate the performance level of the IDs of UPNGOC


Instructional Design is a new concept for most Papua New Guineans up until the Introduction of the Open and Distance Learning. Distance Education was introduced in PNG some time ago. However, the term Instructional Design was not familiar to most that were involved in Distance Education.Instructional Design actually came into light once the inception of UPNG Open College with the assisstance from Ausaid.

Instructional design refers to the systematic check we have in place to ensure that these things are done and that it connetcs between the three booklets that make up the study package for the students. The three booklets include: Course Outline, Study Guide and the Resource book. What is in the Course Outline must be linked to the Study Guide. The content in the Study Guide must also tie to the readings in the Resource Book.

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  1. How do you understand Instructional Design?
  2. When did you first hear of the term?

What do Instructional Designers do?

The purpose of Instructional Design is to make learning easier and more enjoyable.As instructional designers(IDs), we have a numbers of responsibilities:

  • Most importantly we provide advice and support to the course writers.
  • We ensure that the teaching or lessons are presented in the most appropriate way for delivery through whatever chosen medium.
  • We assist in organising learning so that our students can achieve good outcomes and sucessfully complete the course.
  • We proofread
  • Check materials through the phases of development.
  • Ensure that the materials meet quality standards set by UPNG Open College

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  1. If you are a ID from another Institution in the South Pacific(Oceania) we welcome your ideas
  2. Communicate with our team and find out more about what we do
  3. Share with us your experiences
  4. Suggest ideas of how we can improve ourselves here at UPNG

Meet the Instructional Designers?

Various consultants participated in the intial development of the Open College. The ID system at Open College was established with help of a DE specialist namely Dr Helen Gessinger-who actually trained the Instructional Designers.The Instructional Designers that were trained by Dr Gessinger include:

  • Eileen Turare
  • Janet Rangou
  • Aspasia Sawaraba
  • Ivy Payalou

Other Instructional Designers were trained by the other istructional designers include:

  • Judith Nukuitu
  • Benjamin Cheong
  • Kipli Minol

Currently, there are only three Instructional Designers:Janet,Judith & Kipli. Hopefully, our team will be beefed up to five IDs altogether.

Goods news for the team: One of our Instructional Designers have just returned back from studies. Congradulations to Janet Bulumaris Rangou!!!!