Medication Reconciliation/Medication Reconciliation Teaching Methodology

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As stated earlier, suggestions will be obtained from the learners on how to administer instruction/training. Few teaching methodology will also be appropriate for the identified type of learners:
  • Group training using powerpoint/lecture to aid presentation,combined with interactive discussion to explore the subject matter
  • Multidisciplinary classroom/hands-on training to facilitate exchange of ideas
    • doing as you go
  • Role-playing
    • Big groups will be divided into small groups and to encourage to portray the real act of interviewing a patient, verifying the information, and reconciling the medications
  • Sample video-clip
  • Program/software,wiki that can be accessed at work individually to accomodate busy schedule of the working learners
  • Compact disc (CD) that can be distributed to the learners (as appropriate)
  • Binder resources will be made available at all times
  • One-on-one support by expert (trainers/champions)