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Use one of the below listed media specific search facilities and search for:

      * a picture of Cosimo de' Medici with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License
      * a sound of a church bell.

1.) Flickr Creative Commons Search Flickr is a commercial company (owned by Yahoo) highly used to upload and organize pictures. As these user-contributed pictures are valuable resources for developing online learning units it is important to know the Flickr Creatice Commons Search. Using this search facility you can restrict your results to a certain license. First decide what you want to do with the pictures and which license suits your needs. On this page you can then browse the latest contributions. If you click on "see more" you come to your license specific search engine. Another option is to use Flickr advanced search where you can specify at the bottom of the page if you are looking for Creative Commons licensed pictures.

2.) In the picture repository Wikimedia Commons you can find pictures which are public domain, pictures with a Creative Commons License and pictures with the GNU Free Documentation license. You can search for pictures by topic categories, by type of media (e.g. animation, maps etc.), by fulltext search or even by license.

3.) The Freesoundproject is a platform for Creative Commons licensed sounds. It is important to stress that there are no songs available on this platform but just sounds and noises.

4.) The CCmixter site offers songs under a Creative Commons license. Several other labels allow the reuse of their music, the searchword "open music" leads to many results. Also the podcasting world has a need for open music and there is a growing site with so called "podsafe" music. See the Podsafe Music Network for more information.