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Low-cost, all-in-one solutions for radio

1. Radio-in-a-Suitcase

Solar-powered Radio-in-a-suitcase, Mountain Brown, Papua New Guinea

This is a complete broadcast set-up (transmitter, antenna, mixer, components, etc.) in a suitcase produced by Wantok Enterprises in Canada. There are a few different models and units may also be customised to fit specific needs. Units are available for less than USD6000, including shipping (note: see Wantok for details).

For more information, visit Wantok

2. Radio-in-a-Box

Jet FM Radio-in-a-box in Jeffrey Town, Jamaica

A complete, rack-mounted broadcast set-up (transmitter, antenna, mixer, PC, components, etc.) prepackaged on in a hard-shell box. It was commissioned by UNESCO and produced by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union. The unit was available in the range of USD 6000, including a PC.

See UNESCO newspiece for more information.