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As learning gradually is moving to the digital world, there is a growing need for rethinking theories of learning and for changing of educational practice. A digital environment has different characteristics than a physical environment and provides a different set of educational possibilities.

Further there is a need for new educational concepts that support the learning demands of a late modern society. There is a need for means that supports learning as an experiential, self-guided, and lifelong process that is situated in social contexts.

It is in this light the concept of digital portfolio is an innovative educational tool. It is a means to create learning environments and educational communities that are open, collaborative and support continuous learning.

Portfolios are well known from artistic-like professions such as designers, architectures, and painters. It is a folder containing previous works, a showcase demonstrating a person's skills and professional development, used when applying for jobs, financial support etc. It is lately that several educational institutions have adopted the concept of portfolio, using it as a tool for collecting and documenting the work of students. It has been motivated by the search for new and improved methods for assessment that goes beyond testing