Mathematical Journey/Spreadsheet Review/e-Learning activity - Spreadsheet Review

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Now that you have viewed the videos on working with a spreadsheet, complete the following:

Write a story that a linear function could describe. (So, first think about what kind of situations in your life are linear and go from there.)  Then, either find or create data that connects with that story. Place the data in a worksheet (either in Microsoft Office or OpenOffice) and create a graph. Does the graph help to explain your story?

Before submitting your story, use this rubric to see if your story is a good story.

Then, place your story on an ePortfolio page (if using Mahara or Weebly) or your blog and ask your coach or instructor for feedback.

Note: if using a blog, you may not be able to attach your spreadsheet. Attach it instead in your e-mail to your coach.