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Plan and/or Tasks:

Prerequisites: Learners need to understand the significance of the equal sign in an equation.

Variable: a symbol that represents the unknown in an equation.

1. Read the information and examples of solving an equation at solving an equation using addition and subtraction.
2. Using the first example, redo it on another piece of paper without looking at the answer. Then, check your work.

Key Questions (Critical Thinking Questions):

1. When solving an equation, which side of the equal sign do you go to first?
2. Identify the word(s) that represent the equal sign in the following sentence: Mike’s age is the same as Sam’s age plus 12.
3. Explain how to solve the equation x – 5 = 10.
4. Write a real-world situation that could be described by the equation above.


Go to the Khan Academy to try out some problems.