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You are well along on your journey. You have developed your spreadsheet skills. You have also developed your narrative skills. And, you are documenting your journey in a journal. Well done!

In order to continue your journey, you now need to increase the tools in your mathematical toolbox. As you've seen, the Khan Academy materials are helpful to assess and practice your skills. In addition, they provide some quick reminders through the videos.  But, to have a useful toolbox, you need to be confident of all your tools and you need to know how to use them in different ways.

Below you will find links to worksheets on important algebraic skills. Next to most worksheets, there is a corresponding link to an assessment in Khan Academy.

Each worksheet has the same format. And, as part of this format, you will not only practice skill, but think about the concepts through answering Critical Thinking Questions. It is important that you go through the worksheet, even if you are confident about the subject matter. Reflect on your work through each worksheet in your journal. If you have questions, outlineb them in your journal and alert your coach.

When you are confident about your work, go to the corresponding link in Khan Academy (if given) and complete the assessment. When you have completed all worksheets successfully successfully, move on to Activity 3.1.


To begin, take a look at the following Khan video about algebra. Then, to make sure you have the basics, take a look at the following modules. (Note: Depending on how you did with the initial assessment, you may want to try some other Khan modules to solidify your basic skills. Check with your coach.)

Worksheet Khan Academy Link
Order of Operations Order of Operations
Introduction to Exponents Simplifying Expressions with Exponents
Combining Like Terms
Combining Like Terms
Combining Like Terms with Distribution
Combining Like Terms 2

Now, we'll move to some initial skills and then to working with equations. Below, you will see a table of worksheets and Khan Academy links. Work through the worksheet first and then try the assessment. (Note: There are more topics in the Khan Academy materials and a "standard" algebra course. These worksheets will focus on essential skills for common "real" situations. You may well need to add skills for your particular project. But, mastering these areas will give you a good foundation.)

Worksheet Khan Academy Link
Introduction to Equations
Solving Equations Part 1 One Step Equations
Solving Equations Part 2
Linear Equations 1
Solving Equations Part 3
Linear Equations 2
Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides Linear Equations 3
Solving Equations that Must be Simplified Solving for a Variable
Solving Equations with Fractions Linear Equations 4
Solving Equations with Inequalities Linear Inequalities

Now that we've talked about equations,let's look at graphing and solving linear equations as well as a brief look at quadratic equations and functions.

Begin with the Khan video on Descartes, which talks about the connection between algebra and geometry.

Worksheet Khan Academy Link
Defining the Slope of a Line
Slope of a Line Between Two Points Slope of a Line
Equation of a Line (Using Point/Slope)
Point-Slope Form
Equation of a Line Part 2
Line Graph Intuition
Quadratic Equations Quadratic Equestions
Introduction to Functions
Views of a Function

Now go to Activity 3.1 or