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Study Plan


1. Read the information and examples of simplifying expressions using exponents.
2. Using the first example, redo it on another piece of paper without looking at the answer. Then, check your work.

Key Questions (Critical Thinking Questions)

1. Why does one use exponents?
2. Are 41 and 4 the same thing?.
3. What does an exponent of 0 mean?
4. If you didn’t have a word processor with a superscript format of text, how would you show an exponent using your computer?

Skill Exercises:

1. Simplify the following expressions using exponents (simplify further for numerical values):
a. 9*3*3*6*6*x*x*x*y*y
b. 4*x*x*4*3*y*y*3*4

2. Explain to someone else how you found the answer to 1b.


1. Simplify 2*3*2*3*x*y*x*y.