Table of slopes of lines

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Slopes of line segments.
Graph Formulas
AG11.png [math]\text{Horizontal line}\,[/math]

[math]\alpha =0\,[/math]

[math] \tan \alpha=0\,[/math]

[math] m=0\,[/math]

AG10.png [math]\text{Vertical line}\,[/math]

[math]\alpha =90^\circ\,[/math]

[math] \tan \alpha=\infty[/math]

[math] m=\text{Undefined}\,[/math]

[math]\text{A vertical line has no slope}\,[/math]
AG08.png [math]\text{Upward line from left to right}\,[/math]

[math]0 \lt \alpha \lt90^\circ\,[/math]

[math] 0\lt\tan \alpha\lt\infty[/math]

[math] m\gt0\qquad\text{Positive slope}\,[/math]
AG09.png [math]\text{Downward line from left to right}\,[/math]


[math] -\infty\lt\tan \alpha\lt0[/math]

[math] m\lt0\qquad\text{Negative slope}\,[/math]


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