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Name Equation
Square of a Sum [math](x+y)^2=x^2+2xy+y^2\,\![/math]
Square of a Difference [math](x-y)^2=x^2-2xy+y^2\,\![/math]
Cube of a Sum [math](x+y)^3=x^3+2x^2y+3xy^2+y^3\,\![/math]
Cube of a Difference [math](x-y)^3=x^3-2x^2y+3xy^2-y^3\,\![/math]
Difference of cube [math]x^3-y^3=(x-y)(x^2+xy+y^2)\,\![/math]
Sum of Cube [math]x^3+y^3=(x+y)(x^2-xy+y^2)\,\![/math]
Product of a Sum and a Difference [math](x+y)(x-y)=x^2-y^2\,\![/math]


  • This table is useful when factoring expressions , solving equations etc

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