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Stem and Leaf Plot
  • A quasi-graphical representation of numerical data, useful for visualizing the shape of a distribution.
  • Each data value is split into a stem and a leaf. The leaf is usually the final digit of the number; the other digits to the left of the leaf form the stem. The stems are placed in a vertical list, with each matched leaf listed to one side.
  • Very useful for visualizing small data sets with no more than two significant digits.
  • Also called stemplot and stem and leaf graph.


1. In the number 96, the 9 is the stem and the 6 is the leaf.

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Tip: To show a one-digit number (such as 7) using a stem and leaf plot, use a stem of 0 and a leaf of 7.

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3. A rather interesting, non-statistical use of the stem and leaf plot is shown below. The image depicts a bus schedule, from the Redwood Transit System, as a stem and leaf plot. The hour is displayed as the stem. The minutes, shown separately for southbound (left of center) and northbound (right of center), make up the leaves.