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  • A collection of objects viewed as a single entity. The individual objects in the collection are called elements or members of the set, and they are said to belong to or to be contained in the set. The set, in turn, is said to contain or be composed of its element.
  • Sets are usually denoted by capital letters: [math]A,B,C...,X,Y,Z\,[/math]; elements are designated by lower-case letters: [math]a,b,c,...,x,y,z\,[/math].
  • Math notation for elements in a set is:
[math]x\in A\qquad \text { means }x \text { is an element of set }A[/math]

[math]x\notin A\qquad \text { means }x \text { is not an element of set }A[/math]


  • Nouns as "flock", "tribe", "crowd" and "team" are examples of sets.
  • Some sets of mathematical objects are "sets of numbers", "sets of curves", "sets of geometric figures".

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