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Degree (Polynomial)

Degree (of polynomial [math]p(x_1,\ldots,x_n)\neq0[/math]): The largest integer [math]m\,[/math] such that there is a term [math]cx_1^{m_1}\ldots x_n^{m_n}[/math]

[math]\text { with }[/math][math]c\neq0[/math] in [math]p\,[/math] having degree [math]m\,[/math].

In other words, the degree of the single variable polynomial [math]p\,[/math] is just the highest power of [math]x\,[/math].


[math]\text{Let }p=4x^6-7x^2-6x^3-4x^4+5x+3\,[/math]
The highest power of this single variable polynomial is 6 then its degree is 6