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A workshop to present WikiEducator to the Math 2.0 interest group

A workshop is being prepared for October 2009. It is a part of a series of events inviting Math 2.0 communities to present their projects and invite participants for collaboration. You can see the rest of the events here:

We can do it on Saturdays, preferably when it's morning in the Americas and afternoon in Europe.

From the WikiEducator email group:


One of the first donated pieces of content were English and Math lessons from the College of the Rockies here in BC - so there's a looong history supporting this topic! :-)

- Randy


It would be interesting to organize some domain-specific activities. It seems that discussions related to teaching in mathematics and sciences would be a very popular topic for a scheduled event. It looks like you already have a good start on bringing people together to talk about mathematics education! Sylvia


Great, let's talk about Math education!! Count me in :)


Gladys Gahona Private Teacher (Math, Physics, Chemistry) Secondary & Tertiary grades.


If you allow me to suggest, why don’t you host the event on but work from a WikiEducator page. You can set up a project page and transparently hold all discussions for others to join in when they want to. For our Learning4Content workshops as you know we use the Google Groups discussion forum. It is easy to set up a new group and the link you can embed into your Wiki project page including participants list etc.

Have a look here: how it is done.

You could use to run a poll what time is convenient for everyone.

Cheers, Patricia


Great suggestions, Patricia. I would be willing to help, too.

Warm wishes, Nellie Deutsch Doctoral Student Educational Leadership Curriculum and Instruction Get ready for CO10: Free online workshops on WikiEducator:


I'm willing to help/participate. Do we have a page on WE or another venue where we can continue discussing the details?