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Intended as a case study for international profiling on all of OERFs lists and home page / front page news link on WikiEducator.

Possible interview questions ...

Meet colleagues @ Massey University
Stream a short video vignette here of selected leaders at Massey ...

Massey University is New Zealand's leading university for distance education. The distance education model is founded on the principles of widening access to learning opportunities through technology mediated learning and economies of scale. In a digitally connected world, in what ways do you see open education supporting your mission and assisting you in achieving your strategic objectives?

Ideas .....

  • Economies of scale that can be achieved in professional academic development and support using OER.
  • Potential to diversify curriculum for low enrolment courses (i.e. by sharing expensive development costs it is possible to achieve break even at far lower EFT levels than the traditional model. etc
  • Other ideas ....

Text here ...

Massey is a university leader in the open model in a number of key areas. For example, the eLearning Guidelines project (licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License), lead institution in the early development of the Mahara e-portfolio system and New Zealand's first large university to adopt the Moodle learning management system. Based on your experiences of open technologies and processes, what benefits has the University gained from carefully selected implementation of the open approach. What advice can you offer the burgeoning field of OER?

More text here ... You can also mention other examples -- eg the open curriculum colloquium, hosting of the ACODE OER meeting, participation in the DEHub and I'm sure there are others ;-).

Other questions you'd like to add?

Text here ...


From your desk, what do you see to be the main advantages of joining the OER Foundation in supporting you to achieve your organisational objectives?

Text goes here ....


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