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Part of our Discussion ended up on watering. We decided there were 3 forms of watering: Rain, Hose and Watering Can. Each one had good points and each had issues. The children brainstormed different problems then collaborated to decide what the best method of watering for us might be... Some of the good points were Rain: God provides it, No work involved, best water. Hose: Can go for hours? Measure amount needed, Fastest method. Watering Can: Holes so kind on plants, measure amount. Some of the not so good points were... Rain: can't rely on it, might get drenched. Hose: too short for our situation, can use too much, hard on soil, you need taps near. can be messy. W - Can: take a long time refilling, can be heavy, can water at the wrong time.

So we decided the best watering system would be... Rain water which God provides, when we need it over by our gardens and water our plants gently.

How we are going to do this is another story. There is some discussion about piping it over from our guttering area but that is a job for another day.