Manage health and safety in a tourism context/Activities/Risk Assesssment Analysis

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Golden Stream, Arthur's Pass National Park

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Identify, record in writing, and take action on potential risks and hazards in a tourism activity


Risk assessment and management analysis


Your company has asked that you complete a Risk Assessment and Management Analysis for this tour.

Going Places Ltd - Risk Assessment Analysis


You are a guide for Going Places - Guided Walks. You have been given a group of seven visitors from England and America who have signed up for a day guided walk to the Otira Valley in Arthur’s Pass National Park. The Otira Valley track follows the Otira River and is a superb example of New Zealand’s alpine landscape, situated on the main divide in the Southern Alps.

The visitors are all adults of mixed ages and similar walking abilities (reasonably fit). None have visited a mountain environment before. One man is very interested in photography; several of the ladies are interested in wild flowers.

According to the guest questionnaires received by your operations manager, one man has had a knee reconstruction 3 months ago and one lady is allergic to bee stings.

All the guests have good footwear. Two of the guests say that they do not have good rain coats with them but the lodge where your guests are staying, has extra raincoats if people need them.

Since the walk is 15 minutes drive from the meeting place at the lodge, you will also be the van driver transporting the guests to the walk.

The weather is good for the morning but after checking the forecast you learn that a storm is predicted for later in the afternoon. You are confident that you can get the walk done before the weather comes in.

As it is a full days walk, everyone will be bringing along their own lunch.

You know that Arthur’s Pass has a Department of Conservation visitor centre and police station and Darfield has the closest medical centre. There is no cell phone coverage at the Otira Valley.

Supporting Material

Use the Jay Zee Tours Ltd Safety Plan to help you identify all the possible risks and how they might be prevented or minimized