Manage health and safety in a tourism context/Activities/Lesson Plan

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Explanation of risk management theory is in terms of its relevance to the tourism industry


Lesson 1

Introduce students to the safety requirements within a tour guiding context

In the classroom

  • Safety Plan - put up on screen and work through - Going Places Ltd
  • DOC site -
  • Introduce forms which may be used in conjunction with Safety Plan - Going Places Ltd. Provide scenario and ask students to complete in pairs.
  • Look at Otago Polytechnic forms and ask students to fill them out (using overheads)


  • Risk management mountain dangers scenario (on blog)
  • Handout and go over - Health & Safety Manual

Lesson Plan 2 and 3


1. RAM - draw empty table on whiteboard and fill in "What could go wrong". Then get students to form groups and start to think about what would go into the other columns. Stop them after they have completed the first hazard - Person is lost and show them the completed form on the overhead.
2. Hazard identification - go over this together (last one to do)
3. Hazard Notice - Choose a different hazard for each group and ask students to fill out their overhead then present to class on overhead
4. First Aid Register - Choose personal accident and ask students to complete this.


Facilitation Look at cost of accidents - Health and Safety Manual (section in this about costs)

Lesson 4

Risk Management (continued)

In a class recap on:

  • Peninsula Field trip - Risk analysis (overheads)

Go over (Activity/Assessment) - Going Places Ltd - Risk Analysis (not on the wiki) (Open book assessment)

This is be continued through to facilitation- this must be completed by end of session and handed in (named)

Supporting Material

  • Going Places Ltd - Safety Plan
  • Health and Safety Manual