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"Climbing" At Your Risk

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Highlight cost of accident to all parties involved - employer, employee, guest


Students will reflect upon the roles and responsibilites of a tour guide while identifying the cost of an accident to their organisation, the client and to themselves as the employee. Establishing actions to eliminate or minimise identified hazards and risks.

Task 1

Accidents can have wide repercussions for everyone

Read through the following scenarios and describe the short term and long term costs which may occur from the incident

  1. to you as an employee
  2. to the client’s friends and family
  3. to your organisation

Scenario One

A tour bus stops at a viewpoint in the country. Tourists are busy taking photos and stepping back into the middle of the road to get the “perfect shot”. Although the road doesn't look to have much traffic, suddenly a vehicle travelling at least 80km/hr appears over the rise of the hill. There is a mad scamble of tourists from the middle of the road to the side of the road. Luckily no one is hit, however one middle aged woman has fallen badily and looks to have hurt her knee.

Scenario Two

While leading a group to see an historic building, where there is construction and restoration going on. A small piece of plaster falls from the first floor and hits one of the people in your group. The outcome is not good. The client sustained nasty head injuries and took 3 months to recover.

Task 2

  • Fill out an accident form for each scenario
  • Describe how you would prevent this kind of incident from happening again eg. you are meeting with your supervisor to discuss ...

When all tasks have been completed, please hand in to your lecturer.

Image scenarios

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