Making use of study groups

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The purpose of this resource is to help you to understand why a study group might be useful to you in your studies, and how to effectively set up and operate within a study group.

What are the benefits of having a study group?

First read this page on Study Groups

As you can see, there are many potential benefits to having a study group. It is highly recommended that you try to be involved in a study group during this course. Studying in a group does not suit everyone, but you never know until you try.

Getting started with Study Groups

If you choose to establish a study group, remember to refer to the guidelines on this page. (You'll need to scroll down)

In addition consider roles within the group

  • What are members strengths?
  • The group needs a leader who
  • Sends out the agenda before the meeting
  • Facilitates discussion
  • Keeps the group on task so that all items on the agenda are completed
  • Facilitates discussion on the agenda for the next meeting