Makerere University OER Experience by Tenywa Moses

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Appreciation Learning is a lifelong process. I believe in the adage "You can teach and old dog new tricks". In this spirit I wish to express my grateful thanks to COL and the facilitators for giving me this great opportunity of exposure to Open Educational Resources in Agriculture. This narrative is an attempt to highlight the explicit knowledge acquired but surely it will fall short in articulating the tacit knowledge that goes beyond the classroom. The experience is memorable in many aspects.

  1. Making new friends in the cohort of e-learning and getting to know their efforts,
  1. How to incorporate multi-media in e-learning content as exemplified herein
  2. Awareness of the on-going efforts in distance learning
  3. Appreciating better the difference between content and learning mangement
  4. How to make e-learning more interesting
  1. How to design good courses for e-learning
  1. Tools available for instructional material design

[|Guidelines on preparation of e-learning course]

  1. Open Sources of Reusable Learning objects
  2. How to link to other resources on the WWW

soil orders

  1. How wiki educator is a powerful tool for collaborative/team efforts
  2. Opportunities for using Moodle for learning managment