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Grinding a mattock


Learn the theory and demonstrate the practice of sharpening handtools


1. View this video of Rod McKenzie demonstrating how to sharpen hand tools.

2. Create our own video (starring YOU) that demonstrates how to do the following:

  • Use a bench grinder to sharpen a dull garden spade
  • Use a diamond stone to sharpen blunt secateurs
  • Use a hand file to sharpen blunt lawnmower blades
  • Use an angle grinder to sharpen a dull mattock
  • Use an oil stone file to sharpen pruning loppers
  • Explain why and how you sharpen these tools, and point out the results for your sharpening effort.
  • Be sure to wear appropriate safety gear and explain why you are wearing it in relation to the sharpening equipment you are using.

3. Upload your video to Youtube and send the link to your learning facilitator.

(Tip - Use a standard digital camera, or camera phone if you can, and ask a friend to help you record the video. Be sure you are in a location that is quiet and has good light - so we can hear and see what you are doing... make sure we can see it is you and get up close)

NB. If you cannot access a video camera, or someone to help you with this task, organise a time with your learning facilitator to demonstrate that you know how to do the above tasks.

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