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Educational resources for the Maintain Chainsaw unit. Please assist by adding resources you find, and/or tagging to

Demonstrate knowledge of the chainsaw cutting unit

Sharpen a chainsaw chain

Maintain a chainsaw power unit


  • Introduction to chainsaw parts  » SlideShare.If you want some information on the parts of a chainsaw view this great slide show by Brett Ransom, Otago Polytechnic.
  • Bird making chainsaw sound - This a cool youtube video explaining the incredible Lyre bird from Australia. Not sure how we can make it a learning activity but it is just cool!
  • YouTube - How Chainsaws Work - If you're a homeowner looking to clean up a few trees in the yard or cut some firewood, a firefighter trying to create a firebreak or simply a curious person who wants get up close and personal with gasoline power, a chain saw can be a very handy machine. [?]

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