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Course Aims

UN flag flying

What you'll do:

  • Learn about the United Nations (UN) and take a short quiz
  • Research and write a briefing paper on a current global issue from the perspective of a diplomat from an assigned country
  • Present it to a mock United Nations session
  • Listen and consider the presentations from the other nations UN representatives (ie other students' briefing papers)
  • Negotiate towards a resolution
  • Reflect on your performance at the Model United Nations

What you'll learn

  • The structure, role and functions of the United Nations systems and the key challenges it faces
  • How to develop briefing papers on complex international challenges from the perspective of a country other than your country of origin
  • How to negotiate and present effectively on global matters and challenges
  • To critically reflect upon personal and societal assumptions about how societies should function and be able to challenge these.

With this under your belt you'll be developing skills towards the following which are typical of university programs in International Studies:

  • Critically analyse interconnections between local and global international issues and events as well as the historical and contemporary processes that have transformed the globe
  • Apply qualitative and quantitative analytic and problem-solving skills necessary for international studies, careers and global citizenship;
  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of key components of global society and key global challenges through insights and knowledge gained from multiple perspectives and disciplines

For more information see the INTS200 Model United Nations Subject Outline on the subject Moodle site.